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Andrew Pepper

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Ten-Year Gallery Retrospective

Saturday, 17 July 2004 01:00 Published in Group Exhibitions

Highgate Gallery opened in 1994 with two exhibitions which set the standard for future years. From the outset, the aim was to achieve quality and diversity, keeping in mind the special qualities of the Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution and the space in the Hall. A committee of volunteers - artists, gallery managers and collectors - was formed to run the Gallery.


From 1996 it has been possible to mount nine shows a year. By the end of 2004, the Highgate Gallery will have held 81 exhibitions; of these six featured the work of students ranging from primary pupils to postgraduates. Four Members’ Art Exhibitions have displayed the work of local amateur and professional artists. One of the ways in which the Gallery has fulfilled its educational remit is by staging major exhibitions of etchings by Hockney and Goya, loaned by the Arts Council. Around these loan exhibitions there were programmes of activities for the wider community.

Andrew Pepper took part in the Highgate Gallery exhibition programme during 1999.

Lighting for this installation of 'Lamp 1' was kindly supplied by Illuma Lighting Ltd. www.illuma.co.uk

Exhibition dates: 17th - 29th July 2004


Open Studios

Saturday, 16 September 1989 01:00 Published in Group Exhibitions


Victoria House, Hackney, London.

In connection with the 1989 Whitechapel Open.

Andrew Pepper showed a number of wall and floor-based holograms and 3-D light projections.

Work included:

Positive Attempt (floor piece)

Point Addition - Mix



Exhibition dates: 16th - 17th September 1989.

Point Addition - Mix

Wednesday, 01 January 1986 00:00 Published in Holography

Title: Point Addition - Mix

Date: 1986

Edition: Installation

Materials: Reflection hologram on glass, wood plinth, electronic dimmers, spot lights.

Size: Installation - Galler wall and floor - Hologram H 25.4 x W 20.32cm (10 x 8 inches)

Notes: An installation produced for Space Open Studios, Hackney.
During the late 1980's Andrew Pepper occupied a Space Studio in the London borough of Hackney.  The group of artists who worked in this old industrial building organised a series of "Open Studios" to showcase.

Point Addition - Mix used a previously produced hologram (Point Addition) which was hung upside down on the studio wall.  Holograms are normally hung so that the light needed to illuminate them can be shone onto them from the ceiling.  Here, it was possible to illuminate the piece from below.

Directly in front of the piece stands a wood plinth containing three narrow beam spotlights which shine up onto the hologram and allow its recorded image to be reconstructed.  On the plinth, where visitors would normally expect to find an object (using a traditional museum/gallery display vocabulary and expectation), were there rotary control knobs.  Each allowed a corresponding spotlight to be dimmed or turned of completely.

As holograms normally require a single source of light to reconstruct their recorded image, any extra light can cause disruption to the display - often resulting in multiple images or blurring.  Here this possible disruption is given to the observer who can add and subtract extra light to the display.  The result is a multiplication of the luminous 'dots' help in the holographic recording.  In effect the gallery visitor is given control and an opportunity to 'mix' points in space and therefore 'construct' their own 'structure' in real time and in three-dimensions.

Christmas Show

Monday, 08 December 2008 00:00 Published in Group Exhibitions


The Earl's Court IrregularsGallery 286, London, UK.

Main image: Photomontage by Tim Dry

This year's Gallery 286 Christmas show brought together a diverse range of artists who had all exhibited at the gallery during its first 10 years of operation.

Andrew Pepper showed along with:

Clare Belfield
Edward Bell
Jennifer Binnie
Patrick Boyd
Ken Cox
Rowena Coxwell
Tim Dry
Duggie Fields
Eleni Gagoushi
Oliver Gili
David Henderson
Rebecca Hutchinson
Andrew Logan
Martick Jewellery
Sarah Nutley
Polly Nuttall
Caroline Palmer
Dido Powell
Tony Rothon
Tonelise Rugaas
Andrew Ryder
Camilla Shivarg
Olivia Stanton
Prudence Walters


Andrew Pepper showed Nine Drawn Spaces from the Absence of Drawing series.

Exhibition dates: 8th - 31st December, 2009

Sculpting with Light

Sunday, 01 January 2012 00:00 Published in Group Exhibitions


Gallery 286 London, UK.

A selection of abstract holograms, by British & American artists from the 1980s and 90s.

This exhibition of work from the Ross Collection brought together some of the key artists working with holography and showcased clasic work produced in the 1980's and 90's

Square Eclipse 1989
Reflection hologram on glass
  6 Lines Folded 1989
Reflection hologram on glass


Two works from the Ross collection by Andrew Pepper were included, both produced during his doctoral research period at the University of Reading,UK.

Made with support from the Lionel Robbins Memorial Scholarship.

A video of the installation is available here.

More details about Pepper's work in the Ross Collection here

Exhibition dates: 3rd - 10th May 2012


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Andrew Pepper works with projected light, holography and installation.  Based in the UK,  he has exhibited his work in group and solo exhibitions internationally and, as a senior lecturer in fine art at Nottingham Trent University, he taught on the BA (Hons) fine art course, the Master of Fine Art course and has acted as a PhD examiner for a wide range of key project-based research submissions.


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